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Why use intelifill?

intelifill solves so many problems that the standard fulfilment functionality in Shopify can't. Check out just some of the many features we have jammed into the product below

Order Queues

When you install intelifill you can specify which date you wish to start processing orders from. The platform will pull all orders directly from Shopify but most importantly it will start to put these orders into 'queues' or 'bins' which helps your team sort and filter these orders efficiently.

Manage Orders

Not all orders are easy to process. Often the customer will contact you to change something, or you may have issues with stock availability, reorders etc. With Shopify alone there is no way to manage these 'exceptional' items but intelifill was built to do just that. 

Track Everything

We know having visibility of every touch point of an orders progress from initial placement to delivery by courier is key to improving your business. We log every action by every member of your team with valuable analytics to help you make valuable decisons

Auto Print & Design

Design your own picking & return forms and auto print your orders as they are received (requires printer capabilities).


intelifill automates so many tasks but also helps eliminate many errors and mistakes. Of course all of this brings savings and efficiencies to your business in terms of time and money

Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers involved and informed all of the time. Send notification and emails when items are dispatched, delayed, ready for pickup etc. 

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