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The ultimate order management & fulfilment platform

You are excelling at your online business and generating lots of orders, but can you scale your fulfilment of those orders to keep growing?

Can you manage and track all the various scenarios which might occur - items on back order, temporarily out of stock, returns, exchanges etc.?

intelifill is the plug-in your business needs to deal with these challenges

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Merge, split & hold orders

Automate Printing

Track every order action

Scale your eCommerce fulfilment 

A one-stop shop that scales your fulfilment processes. 

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intelifill installs directly into the Shopify eCommerce system and automatically pulls all orders into multiple 'queues' or 'bins', from which your fulfilment team can easily manage all the various scenarios which might arise from the creation of that order right through to the delivery to the customer

Why intelifill?

automate the repetitive and simplify the complicated


Easy setup

Installs directly to your Shopify Admin

Simply visit the Shopify App store and install the intelifill App. It will install into the Shopify platform and you can start using straight from there. No additional users needed or passwords required.

Everything in its place

Intelifill pulls all your orders into a number of easily searchable and sortable queues

Organise Orders into logical queue

Partially fulfill or merge orders

Hold/Log orders that cannot be sent immediately

Auto print branded packing/return slips


No more costly mistakes

Intelifill allows you to track all the touch points of an order as it goes from initial sale right to the customer receiving the items

Scan items as you pick/pack to ensure correct fulfilment and avoid errors

Add notes to orders to track issues/updates

Set rules on what can & can't be fulfilled e.g. payment pending

Print courier labels directly, no double entry

Shipping details are imported directly from courier

Easily handle returns & exchanges

Eliminate mistakes from your team

inteliscan from intelifill

With intelifill you can reduce the chances of incorrect products or quantities by scanning the products against your order as you pack.

With inteliscan we've taken this further providing your pickers and packers with a dedicated android scanner and app which allows them to scan on the go for a quicker and more accurate turnaround 


Knowledge Base

all you need to know about using intelifill

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Our Clients

Why Shopify businesses like yours love intelifill

"Intelifill is a game changer for us"

Intelifill has allowed us to really scale the fulfillment side of our business to keep pace with the growing orders from our online sales. We simply could not manage without it now..

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Niamh Byrne
Owner -

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